We do market research

Founded in 1974 originally named Rofield / M.R. & C  started out as a fieldservice organisation but soon extended it’s services to a full market research agency.
Changed its name to Questions and Answers in 2004.

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Our Team

Questions & Answers is led by Frank Van der Biest (20 years of experience in market research).

The team consists of:

  • 250 wel trained bi-lingual interviewers
  • 9 supervisors
  • 3 project leaders
Our Philosophy


We aim for correct results through close controle of the quality of the fieldwork and data input.
30% of the interviews are checked by telephone.
Everything is executed according to esomar standards.



Tailor made research in close cooperation with our customers.
We carry out  complete studies, from planning to final results, conclusion and consultancy.
We can also focus on a specific part of the project  i.e.  fieldwork – data input – tabulation – analysis.



  • Sound references.
  • Experience in many fields.
  • Advanced research equipment and techniques.
Experience in different sectors
Questions and answers has a vast experience in many different areas.
  • Consumer health OTC / animal health
  • Banking  banks / leasing companies / insurances
  • Telecommunication
    • Mobile telephones
    • Tv channels
    • Media
    • Internet
  • Household products – Household appliances
  • Fmcg / food
    • Dairy products
    • Beer
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Personal hygiene
    • Detergents
    • Snacks
    • Fresh fruit
    • Canned fruit
  • Industrial goods
    • Power tools
    • Trucks
    • Heating / airconditioning
  • Leisure
    • Travel research
    • Airlines
    • Tourist boards
  • Retail : Major retail chains

Opt for solid market research

And take a lead on your competitors

Market research helps you not only learn the market but also better understand your customers! That way you know where the opportunities are.

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